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Designing the Client Experience

In today's market, staffing professionals are constantly being bombarded with the importance of the candidate experience—from attraction to engagement, white-glove service has become a business imperative. But your candidates are only one side of the story. Devoting the same attention to managing your client relationships is equally as important, but often requires dedicated resources and one-on-one communications that not everyone has the bandwidth for.

That's where marketing automation comes in!

The right automation strategy won't replace the personalized human touch, but instead helps to free up your teams' time so they can focus on the high-value interactions that they do best. 

In this exclusive ebook, we look at:

  • Why automation matters in sales cycles 
  • Sample sales automation journeys you can implement today
  • Developing existing clients: strategies to segment and nurture
  • Quick-start guides for new client onboarding and generating referrals
  • Steps to integrate the candidate and client experience

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Download the report

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