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The Three Rs: Recruit, Retain, Redeploy

Do you know your redeployment rate? What about offer-to-hire drop-off? If your answer is no, you’re not alone. In fact, most staffing agencies aren’t accurately measuring many of these vital business metrics. In this guide, see what other numbers you could impact, if only you were tracking them.

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The most detailed guide to recruiting automation for talent leaders and recruiters

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What you’ll unlock:

  • How to build a self-enriching database to drive on-demand talent pipeline
  • Proven automation plays that accelerate your hiring speed by 55%
  • Candidate engagement templates and frameworks you can implement today
  • Conversational hiring best practices that lead to 2.5X candidate NPS
  • A comprehensive checklist to future-proof your recruiting automation strategy
  • How to make an ROI-driven business case for recruiting automation to your leadership

What hiring teams achieve with recruiting automation


faster hiring


candidate NPS


reduced acquisition cost

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