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5 Ways to Speed Hiring With an AI Chatbot

Jul 13, 2022
12:00 PM PT
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Talent is harder to reach and pickier than ever in today’s recruiting landscape. In fact, it’s estimated that 97 million new jobs will be created by 2023, which will present even more opportunities to top talent and even stiffer competition. 

Do you have an easy way to reach and track candidates in today’s hot labour market? 

Recruiting just got easier with the AI Chatbot! Join this webinar to learn the 5 ways you can speed up your hiring by:

  • Capturing candidate information on your company’s website that flows seamlessly to Avionte 
  • Enabling ways for candidates to text and scan to apply
  • Activating consistent and fast screening techniques, all with tracking activity in one place
  • Leveraging two-way interview scheduling 
  • Engaging your silver medalists to increase placements

Want to see how you can reduce your time to hire by 55%? Join us to learn more about how Sense and Avionte work together to help you deliver tangible results. 

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Wendy Lu
Product Marketing Director
Mariya Zechmann
Senior Solutions Consultant
Mithun Gunalan
Director of Product
Swati Vaid
Sr. Product Manager
Feb 17th, 2022
12 PM [PT] | 3 PM [ET]
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February 14 — the beloved and dreaded Valentine’s day— is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to look at the incredible love/hate relationship recruiters share with candidates!

In our upcoming webinar, we take inspiration from some of our favorite romcom hits to look at all the reasons candidates fall out of love with recruiters—and what you can do to fix it. Is technology the (love) potion to help? We ask Pankaj Jindal, our co-founder and Alex Rosen, our head of product.

Tune in on
February 17th
12 PM [PT] | 3 PM [ET]
as we rehash the most popular records from the candidate drop-off playlist, including classics like:
We’re Not Compatible
How to match candidates to the right jobs at scale
The Blackhole in My ATS
Qualified candidates sending in their applications only to never hear back?
It’s Complicated
Lengthy, complex job applications spiking your drop-offs?
They’re Just Not That Into You
The secret to getting top talent to pick you over the competition
Don’t Call Me Maybe
Can personalization alone fix flagging candidate engagement?
Co-Founder, Sense
Head of Product, Sense
Product Marketing Manager, Sense
Lead Product Manager, Sense
Mithun Gunalan
Director of Product, Sense
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