GDPR and Sense

Sense helps your company automate GDPR compliance. By sending out required communication and tracking consent, Sense can save you and your team time while staying compliant.
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Automate consent
Sense helps you set up a journey to collect consent, share your privacy policy and more, all automatically and without any effort from your team.
Track receipt of key messages and consent within your ATS, so all your data stays up to date and you can retreive it easily if you're ever audited.
After you setup your GDPR journeys, Sense can help you further engage your candidates and contractors so your team saves time and deploys more candidates.
Learn More About Sense and GDPR
Schedule a time to talk with our team about how you can use Sense to automate your GDPR compliance. We'll walk you through what you can do to ensure that your GDPR process is put on autopilot, fully trackable and compliant.