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The suite of tools the recruiting industry needs to drive engagement, attract talent and optimize the experience in healthcare.

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It's a job-seeker's market

With the high-demand and low availability of qualified healthcare workers, candidates are never at a loss for their next opportunity. Automatically stay up to date with your candidate's deployments, location preferences, and job satisfaction with Sense.


Connect with your people — wherever they are

Seamlessly shift from automated to personal 1:1 messages to stay in touch

From doctors to travel nurses to occupational therapists, your talent is constantly on the move and giving it their all to care for others — but who’s caring for them? It’s never been more important for businesses to foster real human connection. Sense helps you stay better connected with your talent simply by using the communication channels they prefer.

Schedule personalized, automated check-ins before, during and after an assignment. Seamlessly transition to 1:1 conversations to add that human touch when it matters most across email or using Sense Messaging for text. With two-way data syncing and real-time updates back to your ATS, outreach is always up-to-date and personal.


Re-engage, reactivate and redeploy

You spend a lot of time and money finding highly specialized healthcare talent. But are you doing everything you can to keep them working and engaged? From qualified dormant candidates to alumni and silver-medalists, your ATS is packed with talent. Trigger personalized touchpoints to help you reactivate and redeploy your top talent.

50% of your candidates already live in your database.

Sense seamlessly integrates with your ATS for personalized and coordinated outreach to re-engage and redeploy talent—reducing your candidate acquisition costs and improving your time-to-fill.

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Automate time-consuming workflows

With all of the rules and regulations surrounding the healthcare industry, it's easy for your team to get bogged down with administrative tasks. Save your team time and stay compliant by automating critical workflows like credential expirations, placement paperwork, and remote onboarding documentation.

With automation, Sense Journeys make it easy to stay on top of critical updates, without burdening your already busy teams. Free up your recruiters to spend more time building personal connections with your talent and stakeholders.

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Improve the on-assignment experience

Monitor talent satisfaction to improve engagement and retention

Every job can be stressful, but probably none more so than healthcare. Keep a pulse on the nations most critical workforce with regular NPS surveys throughout the talent lifecycle. With sentiment analysis, you can take quick, actionable follow-up to keep your candidates happy.

A strong NPS can indicate a higher likelihood of long-term talent retention, redeployment, and quality referrals. After partnering with Sense, customers often see double or triple the average NPS for recruitment heavy healthcare firms.

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Measure your impact with robust performance metrics

You can't manage what you don't measure. Use Sense analytics for deep insights into talent and client engagement to measure your results and tie them back to business growth and your bottom line.

By combining data across your ATS and Sense, uncover hidden obstacles to talent and manager satisfaction and optimize your strategy. Identify gaps and improve key performance metrics like offer-to-start rates, redeployment, retention, fill rates and more!

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Here’s what Sense customers have to say:

“Sense is giving us an edge. It’s been really helpful—not just for us, but for creating a relationship and a partnership with our clients. The candidates who interact with us via Sense are four times more likely to stay on assignment with us. That’s a big deal.”

Heather Roberts, Manager of Technology, Healthcare Support

“We want to continually reach out to clients and candidates to build relationships, but there’s only so many hours in a day. We can’t get on the phone or send manual emails each time. Sense enabled us to do that in a very personal, but automated and scalable way.”

Raleigh Hobson, Chief Operating Officer, Dietitians On Demand


Sense integrates with leading Applicant Tracking Systems and recruiting technologies—so you get the most out of your workflows without missing a beat.


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