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Automated Business Designs

Ultra-Staff EDGE and Sense bring AI and Automation to the staffing industry to transform the talent experience and increase engagement while helping lower costs, protect revenue, and grow business.
TempWorks offers a mobile-optimized, all-in-one solution for all your front-to-back office needs. Increase your team’s productivity, reach more candidates, and keep your talent engaged—all from a single interface.

TempWorks offers:
- ATS, CRM, and back office
- Recruiting & onboarding tools
- Payroll processing
- Engagement tools, including the industry’s first native mobile app
- Payroll funding and consulting services
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A pain point that many staffing companies are facing is the lack of engagement and response from candidates.

Ultra-Staff EDGE and Sense bring automation to staffing companies to help send personalized messages to candidates at the right time.  Whether it’s sending a reminder about work on Monday or checking in after the first week of work, all of this can be automated to not only increase candidate engagement but save recruiters time to focus on mission-critical tasks.

Ultra-Staff EDGE and Sense together take staffing and recruiting to new heights by increasing staffing professionals’ productivity and driving candidate/client engagement.  By automating tasks, staffing companies can reinvest their resources into what recruiters do best: retaining and requiring talent.

ABD x Sense Integration

Explore how Sense’s seamless integration with ABD leverages the twin powers of AI and automation to overcome recruiting challenges.

ABD and Sense: Customer Best Practices Using Automation

Webinar from July 11, 2023

TempWorks & Sense Webinar: Leveraging Automation Throughout the Talent Journey

TempWorks and Sense Integration

In this webinar from Sense and TempWorks, hear how staffing leaders at some of the world’s most candidate-centric organizations are using automation that leads to real, tangible ROI.

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