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As a technology provider, LaborEdge empowers your team with innovative tools and interfaces to streamline your communications and interfaces with hospitals.
TempWorks offers a mobile-optimized, all-in-one solution for all your front-to-back office needs. Increase your team’s productivity, reach more candidates, and keep your talent engaged—all from a single interface.

TempWorks offers:
- ATS, CRM, and back office
- Recruiting & onboarding tools
- Payroll processing
- Engagement tools, including the industry’s first native mobile app
- Payroll funding and consulting services
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Sense and LaborEdge both bring expertise and understanding of healthcare staffing. LaborEdge clients have the need to reach many hospital leaders on behalf of their thousands of healthcare workers.

Having built their platforms using the latest technologies, Sense and LaborEdge have heavily invested in talent that understands the healthcare industry. LaborEdge’s integration with Sense ensures that the right candidates are attracted to fill these important positions.

Using Automation to Unlock Your Next Wave of Growth

Getting automation right can be a complex endeavor. Luckily, with Sense and LaborEdge, there’s a host of tools and playbooks that you can use to get off on the right foot. Watch now to learn how you can use the LaborEdge and Sense integration to harness the power of recruiting automation.

Old Challenges are New Again: Better Healthcare Recruiting in 2023

TempWorks & Sense Webinar: Leveraging Automation Throughout the Talent Journey

TempWorks and Sense Integration

In this webinar from Sense and TempWorks, hear how staffing leaders at some of the world’s most candidate-centric organizations are using automation that leads to real, tangible ROI.

Providing Excellent Client Experiences