WhatsApp Recruiting for Sense Messaging

Easily recruit talent on WhatsApp

Reach candidates on-the-go and elevate your candidate engagement strategy by reaching talent on their favorite app: WhatsApp. Get the collaboration and intelligence that comes only with Sense Messaging, plus mass texting and 1:1 conversations with our WhatsApp recruiting tool.

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All of WhatsApp + the best of Sense Messaging

Have recruitment conversations on the messaging platform you and your candidates prefer while taking advantage of shared inboxes, text templates, the Chrome extension, mobile app communication, and all that you love about Sense Messaging.

Another outreach channel in your arsenal

Reaching candidates on their preferred communication channels provides another tool to help you decrease candidate dropoffs, reduce no shows, and accelerate your hiring.

A more robust communication system

WhatsApp opens the door for you to reach more qualified candidates and increases candidate response rates, while also improving visibility and collaboration within recruitment teams. Our WhatsApp recruitment tool plays a pivotal role in improving core metrics as part of a robust communication system within your Sense talent engagement platform.

More ways to use Sense

Text recruiting

Build meaningful candidate relationships with Sense Messaging — two-way real-time texting with a personal touch.

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Conversational AI

Increase recruiter productivity and hiring speed with the Sense AI Chatbot — the only fully integrated conversational AI assistant built for recruiting.

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