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Home health and hospice provider dramatically improves core recruiting metrics with AI and automation

decrease in time to hire from 7 days to 1.5
decrease in candidate dropoff/declined offers
hours saved saved every week for HR operations

The home health and hospice sector of healthcare has seen tremendous growth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With demand surging and healthcare recruiting troubles plaguing every organization at every corner of healthcare, our customer was searching for ways to reach, attract, and ultimately hire more, better nurses, therapists, and caregivers.

Our customer provides a continuum of home-based services including home health, infusion therapy, palliative and hospice care. They have nearly 6,000 employees in their 200 locations across 30 states.

A recruiting challenge unique to healthcare

While employers across many industries are struggling to find, attract, and hire top talent, the struggles are especially potent in healthcare. As noted previously, demand for home healthcare professionals in particular has surged since the start of the pandemic, and withFederal government initiatives pledging to invest more in homecare options for Americans across the country, the need for a strong candidate funnel has never been greater.

Competing with not only other healthcare organizations, but healthcare professional burnout, has proven to be a formidable challenge. And with over 200 locations across the United States leveraging a variety of point solutions to try and patch together a fragmented communications approach, results were middling. Founded in 2006, this customer adheres strongly to its core values, and aims to treat every candidate with the utmost respect and care.But with fractured point solutions, they realized that there had to be a better way to deliver on their promises to talent while improving key recruiting metrics.

Every piece of feedback we've gotten [from candidates and recruiters] has been positive. They love the personal touch that Sense helps us provide.

A healthcare recruiting tech stack comprised of one-off solutions

With a team that is spread out across 30 states - each with its own needs - it’s understandable that many locations had their own tech plans to reach healthcare professionals in their areas. As a result, there were multiple point solutions overseen by the company headquarters inTennessee. One-off solutions like Calendly for scheduling, TextUs for messaging, Outlook, Emma (internal communications platform), and more.

And with a pile of point solutions, there was some ability to sort of work together, but no true integration. And more importantly, incredibly fractured reporting. In other words –they couldn’t rely on their point solutions to help them determine what was working (and what wasn’t).

This home healthcare and hospice company needed a robust healthcare talent engagement platform that would provide a truly centralized, strategic hub for their recruitment and talent engagement strategies.

They noted that when Sense reached out to see how we could help, it was “like a breath of fresh air.” We have to admit, it’s a great feeling to call and immediately be told“We’ve been hoping to hear from you!”

With a healthcare talent engagement platform that integrated with their Workday ATS and eliminated the need for one-off point solutions while providing robust analytics and significantly more functionality than they were getting previously, the customer was about to see truly game-changing results in a short period of time.

Sense empowers customized engagement in all markets

Sure, there are literally millions of nurses across the United States. But in the 200 markets and 30 states our customer serves, recruiters were struggling to attract these in-demand professionals. That’s in part because today’s nursing candidate pool spans multiple generations, and within those 200 markets, the preferences, desires, and needs of nursing talent are going to be incredibly unique.

So while the customer had its own corporate recruiting and recruitment marketing strategies, the local offices were on the ground gathering information and helping to inform and customize those strategies to meet the specific needs of their locations.

Thanks to the power of Sense AI and automation, individual markets were able to build out CandidateJourneys and messages that speak directly to the core demographics and backgrounds within those markets.They were able to examine powerful data quickly to pivot, tweak, and test to see what messages resonated best within each market and demographic.

Frictionless job applications and referrals lead to real results

The customer saw immediate, game-changing results after working with our team to build out their Sense deployment strategy. Chatbot and Messaging in particular helped to keep candidates engaged and answer questions, whenever healthcare professionals wanted to engage.

And soon after their initial deployment, they started working with more advanced capabilities in the Sense talent engagement platform. In some customer markets, the customer found that traditional, “old school” methods like yard signs and flyers produced powerful results. And while they were inherently successful, when integrated into their Sense strategy, the results were even more powerful.

By integrating QR codes on their recruitment cards, flyers, and signs, they removed a barrier (eg.remembering the URL, adding extra steps once taking out their phones, etc) to application and made it simpler for interested healthcare professionals to apply. The result? A significant increase in website traffic to their career page, over 6,100 conversations initiated, and an average Chatbot review of 4.39 stars. The customer found more ways to leverage Sense to create a better experience and further improve recruiter productivity, which had already seen a considerable bump since launching Sense.

More recently, the customer has been adding in new layers of functionality within Sense, including automated referral asks that have already made a huge impact. And running the referral journey automatically, adding to candidate flow without any manual intervention or additional workload on already-busy recruiters makes this even more powerful.

Armed with the technology and strategy for continued healthcare recruiting success

You’d be hard pressed to find a more competitive industry right now than healthcare. And with continued growth and demand projected for the foreseeable future, the timing was perfect for this customer to bring on Sense to help them hone their healthcare talent engagement strategies.

From seemingly small-yet-powerful touches, like leveraging Sense to automate interview reminders and freeing recruiter time to create personalized coffee mugs for when they come into the office, to robust QR code campaigns and talent journeys, Sense is empowering this customer to deliver on their core values and promises with critical gains in core areas.

By prioritizing healthcare talent experience and delivering on their core values, this customer is poised to see continued growth and increased ROI from their Sense talent engagement platform for many years to come.

Want to create outstanding experiences for your healthcare talent and recruiters? Put the power of the Sense talent engagement platform to work for your organization. Our team can walk you through our platform to show you exactly how Sense fits into your healthcare recruiting tech stack. To learn more, ask questions, and see Sense in action, schedule a demo with our team today.

Want to create phenomenal experiences for your candidates, employees, and partners? Talk to a Sense representative to understand how our automation & communication solutions can seamlessly do this for you.