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How SEEK Careers/Staffing Uses Sense to Reduce Cost per Hire and Win New Business

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SEEK Careers/Staffing helps clients throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota connect with talent in the light industrial, office, corporate support, and skilled manufacturing professions. They also have a smaller sister company, SEEK Professionals, that specializes solely in engineering placements. Founded more than 50 years ago, the company has witnessed, and continuously adapted to the numerous changes in the staffing industry and recruiting technology landscape.

Today, SEEK Careers/Staffing employs about 110 people who are all committed to providing exceptional experiences to the candidates they interact with and the companies they serve. “Our goal is to get to know people and connect them with the right job,” says SEEK Careers/Staffing Vice President of Organizational Development Sara Luchsinger. “That idea is reflected in our core values of integrity, passion, and extraordinary service.”

As a high-volume staffing firm that has up to 2,000 placements on assignment at a given time, they’re always looking for new solutions to help them boost recruiter productivity and efficiency and meet their business goals. 

Using technology to build meaningful relationships and boost retention

While technology plays a crucial role in the recruiting process, Sara believes that some recruiters can be too dependent on it. “Many recruiters rely on technology rather than building relationships,” she says. “But this business is based on relationships.”

SEEK Careers/Staffing finds Sense’s personalization capabilities to be especially beneficial for building those meaningful relationships with talent. They use automated journeys in Sense to send text messages and emails that are tailored to each candidate on assignment – with the goal of keeping them happy and productive so they stay in their position for a longer period of time. Each touchpoint is strategically timed, starting with a message sent the night before the candidate's first day, a follow-up sent at the end of their first day, and additional check-ins sent throughout their first three weeks of employment. 

Since implementing these automated journeys, the average duration of employment for candidates on assignment has increased from 3.7 weeks to 4.7 weeks, which accounts for a 25% increase in revenue per hire.

“Our cost per hire has gone down and our return on investment in Sense has gone up,” says Sara. “We’re now looking at building out our on-assignment journeys to see if we can keep candidates engaged for longer.”

They also send NPS surveys after key points in the talent journey to learn if they’re meeting candidates’ expectations and providing a positive experience. They’ve found that their thoughtful approach to building meaningful relationships with candidates is paying off. They recently achieved a candidate NPS of 57, which is 3X the industry average of 19. 

Accelerating hiring and elevating the candidate experience with the Sense AI Chatbot

SEEK Careers/Staffing has 20 different branch locations which can make it difficult for candidates to find the right job opportunity from their main website. They’ve resolved this challenge by using the Sense AI Chatbot to instantly engage website visitors and connect them with relevant roles in their area. The chatbot then continuously engages candidates by answering their questions, collecting their application details, screening them against role requirements, and scheduling an interview. 

“The way we’re going to win at this game is through speed and efficiency,” says Sara. “If we can get someone on our website to interact with the chatbot, apply for a job, and schedule an interview with a few clicks, we’ve succeeded at that goal.”

In addition to accelerating the recruiting process, The Sense AI Chatbot has been instrumental in helping SEEK Careers/Staffing elevate the candidate experience. Their entire recruiting team can access the Sense platform and see all the conversations it has had with candidates, helping them learn when they need to connect with someone to resolve issues or provide additional information.

“When we go to reach out to someone, their entire messaging history with the chatbot is right there at the recruiter’s fingertips,” says Sara.

They also leverage Chatbot Analytics to see how the chatbot influences placements. This data helps them learn if they’re asking the right questions, and providing the right answers, so candidates feel compelled to move forward in the recruitment process. 

All in all, SEEK Careers/Staffing uses Sense to engage talent with text, email, and chatbot, and they’re continuously measuring and optimizing their overall engagement strategy to ensure it’s as dialed in as possible. Since implementing Sense, SEEK Careers/Staffing has reached more than 150K candidates, saved about 7.5K hours in recruiter productivity, and made 424 placements powered by our Talent Engagement Platform. 

Using Sense to connect with new clients and drive new business

Like many staffing firms, SEEK Careers/Staffing has found that Sense has another use case outside of talent engagement — supporting their sales and marketing efforts. They nurture prospective clients with automated journeys that include three emails sent over the course of three weeks. “The emails are short and succinct and included a direct link to book an appointment with our sales team,” says Sara.

And like their candidate journeys, they continuously analyze their sales messaging to ensure it’s resonating with the target audience and driving new business. “We can look at data to learn if the messaging is working and helping secure meetings and land new business.”

Prior to using Sense for sales and marketing automation, SEEK Careers/Staffing had 20 sales representatives who would manually email prospective clients. The process was not only inefficient but also resulted in inconsistent messaging and branding. With Sense, they can now ensure the right message is being sent at the right time and analyze the journeys to optimize the messaging. Since shifting to automated journeys, they’ve found that more leads are scheduling sales calls – faster than ever before.

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