Sense Messaging

Texting tools to turbocharge recruiters

Jam-packed with all the most important features... so you can do it all without having to do it all.


Be efficient and personal.

Move from Broadcast to 1:1 Messages

Communicate at scale with scheduled broadcast messages; then switch seamlessly to 1:1 texts within the same thread, using the same number.

Personalized Templates

Create commonly used templates and customize messages with variables pulled directly from your ATS.


Text like real people text.

Images, GIFs, Emojis, and More

A “thumbs-up” says a thousand words, as the adage goes. Add a little personality to your messages by inserting emojis, gifs, and even photos. Get timecard images from a new hire or send a dashboard screenshot to your busy stakeholders – the possibilities are endless.


Work and recruit as a team.

Multi-user Inbox and ATS write-backs

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and Sense make sure it all gets logged. Messages are saved automatically to candidate records in your ATS, so anyone on your team can access past conversations. And with multi-user inboxes, several users can review and manage conversations from the same phone number. Ah, the sweet sounds of simplicity.


Get connected on-the-go.

Keep your Team on the Same Page

Sense Messaging tools work seamlessly within your workflow, whether you’re using our mobile app or searching your ATS-synced candidates on our mobile site. The Sense Chrome Extension even gives you quick access to your activity panel right in your browser, and recruiters never have to leave your ATS.


Stay compliant and secure.

TCPA, CAN-SPAM, No Problem

Sense Messaging helps you play within the TCPA, CAN-SPAM laws and recommended SMS guidelines to avoid carrier filtering and fines. Easy opt-out gives recipients full control, while candidate messaging preferences are stored neatly within your ATS records.No need to keep track of who’s opted out – our messaging technology ensures recruiters can’t email candidates who’ve opted out. Read: we’ve got your back.


Integrate with Sense Engage.

Supercharge your Sense Journeys

Sense Messaging connects effortlessly with your other Sense tools to create a best-in-class recruiting tech stack. With comprehensive communication tools, shared phone numbers for seamless candidate experiences, analytics dashboards, and a direct ATS integration, Sense tools come together to support your full engagement strategy across your network.


Mobile Tools for Mobile Teams

You’re always on the move, so we made it easy to stay in touch right from your phone. Download the iOS and Android Sense Messaging apps to engage with talent in real-time, manage conversations on-the-go, and track everything back to your ATS.

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ATS Integrations

Sense integrates with the leading Applicant Tracking Systems, with messaging tools that complement your existing workflows – so your team won’t miss a beat.

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SENSE Custom Sync



Brett estimates that Sense has added at least $600,000 in additional revenue from placements in just their first year on the product.

“The Sense product blew me away,” Brett says. “I did a quick demo and was pleasantly surprised to see that the message I received looked like any other text message, unlike some of the other products I’d seen. It was also effortless to send from your computer.”

Brett Pinto, Founder and President, MissionStaff

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