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Best Time to Send an NPS Survey

Posted by
Stephanie Tsai, Customer Success Team Lead
February 27, 2023

When staffing firms think about their net promoter score, or NPS, they probably think of Inavero (now ClearlyRated) releasing their Best of Staffing list every February. Sharing your NPS scores, particularly if you’ve achieved high numbers for many years, is a badge of honor that is deserving of promotion, to be sure!

But, NPS is much more than a marketing tool (although it is definitely a good one - you should absolutely be spreading the word about how much your clients and candidates love you!). 

NPS data offers much more beyond marketing value

While NPS can be great fodder for marketing communications, client and candidate feedback can drive important changes and initiatives for your firm. Can you really afford to wait for your scores to be tallied once every year? 

Collecting NPS data once per year means you’re letting your candidates and clients go an entire year without feedback. This puts your staffing firm at a distinct disadvantage. Technology today is empowering businesses and consumers to solicit and provide instant feedback and forward-thinking staffing firms are taking advantage.

Rather than sitting and waiting for that time of year to roll around, the Sense team posits that you should gather NPS data at the right times. Gather your data, and use it to make critical business decisions. 

Think about it this way, if your clients and candidates had game-changing feedback that one of your business processes was turning them off to the point where they were going elsewhere, wouldn’t you want to know? Like yesterday?!

Sure, that’s an extreme case, but it absolutely happens. And it’s completely avoidable. 

The best time to send an NPS customer survey

Prioritizing NPS at the right times means gathering critical feedback from your clients, candidates and contractors when they have meaningful feedback to deliver. Plus, in addition to collecting valuable data for your staffing firm, you’re also engaging clients and candidates at critical points in their journeys.

Prioritizing NPS at the right times

To maximize impact and receive the most valuable insights, this means staffing firms should collect feedback:

Sending NPS surveys after job interviews 

Feedback after job interviews can help your recruiters better perform their jobs, and can provide important insight for your clients into their own interview and hiring processes. 

Getting NPS data during onboarding

Asking for feedback after onboarding can help you get in front of potential issues, and hone your process to better serve your clients and candidates. 

Sending mid-assignment NPS surveys

This is often a quiet time in the staffing/talent/client lifecycle. Checking in here can give you valuable feedback while also increasing the likelihood of redeployment. 

NPS surveys sent at the end of assignment

Ensuring that everyone’s happy at the end of an assignment is, of course, important. Gathering feedback now, while it’s fresh on everyone’s mind, can also help you build stronger relationships.

Using the right NPS survey platforms and technology

While most of us are still tied to email every day, our most meaningful communications more than likely occur via text. 

Have you ever gotten a survey link in your email inbox? You may have hoped to have saved it for later. Or maybe you were just too busy and immediately trashed it, wishing you could help. We’re simply too busy sorting through junk mail and making our way through our inboxes.

Enter: texting. Sending NPS surveys via text ensures you are meeting your clients and candidates where they spend time -- on their phones. You aren’t competing with junk mail and important emails from bosses or their own clients. Instead, you’re sending a personal communication to an extremely personal device. 

Our clients have found that sending NPS surveys via text has dramatically increased the quantity and quality of their feedback.

But, sending individual texts to all your clients and candidates or contractors at the right times can seem a bit tedious. Who has the time to send out individual surveys to so many people?! 

Text recruiitng technology comes to the rescue, again. 

With direct integrations with your ATS data and using automation, you or your recruiters can set up automatic triggers that send personalized text messages with survey links at the right times, and to the right people. 

In many ways, it’s “set it and forget it,” except you won’t forget, because you’ll be gaining all sorts of important feedback that will help you grow and improve your staffing firm. 

Getting the most value out of your NPS data

Sending at the right times and using the right technology is important, but there are other tips to help you maximize your NPS surveys:

Keep texts and surveys short. 

Have you ever typed a long email on your phone? It’s not much fun. Completing long surveys isn’t much fun either. As a cardinal rule, keep your text messages short, and limit your NPS surveys to a handful of questions. Your clients and candidates will be grateful, you’re likely to have a stronger completion rate and the likelihood that individuals will complete a future survey increases as well. 

Inform recipients.

We’re much more likely to click on something when we know what it is and when it might be coming. Let your clients and candidates know that NPS surveys are coming to maximize engagement.

Automate reminders.

While your text is likely to be read within a few minutes, your recipients may not have a few minutes to complete the survey right away. Automating one or two reminders can help boost your engagement rate and gain valuable feedback.  

Say thanks.

We’re all busy. When someone takes the time to provide feedback that can help you improve your business, it is absolutely necessary to say “thank you.” Don’t forget -- these messages can all be automated! 

The right engagement platform can make sending and collecting NPS surveys and data easy.

At Sense, we help you simplify your collection of NPS data, helping you to ensure you’re gathering critical data at the most opportune times for your staffing firm. To learn more about our platform and how it can help you improve engagement and increase productivity, schedule a demo with a member of our team

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