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Emojis in Email Marketing and Text

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Katie Rubak, Product Marketing Manager
February 16, 2023

We use emojis (or emoji -- both are actually correct….let’s not get started on GIF versus JIF, though!) throughout the day. Texting family and friends. Sending emails to coworkers. And yes, in candidate and client communications.

Those little icons have wormed their way into our hearts ❤️ But in all seriousness, they’ve also helped us communicate with more emotion, meaning and joy. It’s definitely a win/win 🥇

How to use emojis in email marketing and text marketing?

Have you ever stopped to think about how you use emojis? Here at Sense, members of our team are constantly using them throughout the day to communicate. With each other, and with our clients and prospects. After all, this is how we communicate in our everyday lives, and we encourage our customers to text like humans.

Do emojis work in email marketing and text?

Our clients are using emojis to boost their communications using Sense platforms and tools, and they are absolutely reaping the rewards. Rewards like:

  • 63% reply rate for candidates and consultants (MissionStaff)
  • 204% increase in NPS (Motion Recruitment)
  • 4X candidate retention rate (Healthcare Support)
  • 56% higher open rate of emails with emojis in the subject line compared to those without (Experian)
  • 28% higher click rate when emojis are used in subject lines (Swiftpage)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (If you're interested, you can also check out our ready-to-use and customizable templates for cold recruiting emails that are driving phenomenal results)

While emojis aren’t single handedly responsible for those leaps (after all, our platform offers a lot more than emoji capabilities, and our clients are pretty amazing themselves), using them empowers you to create real, human, engaging interactions. And that benefits everyone. 

Best emoji for email subject lines and text communications 

Okay, you might be thinking, I should be using emojis. But which emoji should I be using?

While we can’t tell you expressly which emoji to use, we can share some pretty fun data with you. First, let’s talk about overall use of emojis.

How many emoji were sent this year using Sense?

Our clients really get it. To date this year, they have sent… *drumroll 🥁*

328,482 emojis

Pretty impressive, right? It may seem like your teenagers send that much in a day, but trust us, that’s a LOT. 

So, maybe you need a little nudge to know which emoji to send. Or perhaps you’re just a data freak and want to know what other people are using?

We are here for you! 🙌

Top emojis used by Sense users in emails and automated chat communications

Let’s take a look at some of the top emojis used by our clients this year. The standards are accounted for, but there may be some surprises in store 😲

The #1 emoji is…


With 24,932 sends, the warm smile takes the cake this year. Giving just a bit more than the standard smiley, it’s not surprising to see this emoji at the top, with 7.6% of total sends. 

But that leaves almost 93% more, so let’s get to the rest of the top 10. There are definitely some more smiles to be smiled! Numbers 2 through 5 are very close in numbers, before we see a pretty big drop off -- yet still, thousands of sends.

#2 🙂

#3 😃 

#4 👍

#5 😀

#6 📷

#7 😁

#8 🙌

#9 😂

#10 ☺️

These heavyweights probably aren’t surprising to you. There are a myriad of ways you can use these happy, celebratory emojis in your messaging. 

The “rare gem” emojis Sense clients are rocking

So let’s dig into some of the more “rare” and “interesting” emojis sent using Sense this year.

#87 🤦‍♀️

What could elicit the face palm? We’ll never know. But a little humility can absolutely go far!

#86 🐫

HUMP DAY! Never gets old, amiright?

#74 💵

Because look, at the end of the day, candidates want to earn a good salary.

#71 🍼

This one must be used for all the incredible working parents out there! 👊

#68 🍿

The perfect snack to enjoy as you watch your candidates accepting amazing positions 👍

#67 🎞

This one has us stumped. Do people even use film anymore? Do you have any ideas on this one? 

#57 🐺

We’re not spooked by this wolf. Well, we kind of are. 

#48 💥

KAPOW! Your candidates are just THAT awesome!

Surprises on the list

We may not have expected some of the previous gems to make the cut, but the positioning of some of these emoji stalwarts is a bit surprising. What do you think? 

#46 ❤️

Wow, the heart went all the way down to 46! This one really surprised us. Although 😍 was a bit ahead at 40 and may have split the heart usage a bit. There was also a slightly different heart coming in at #28, which may have diluted this traditional heart’s ranking. 

#34 🤞

We thought this symbol of good luck would have been a bit higher. Do you agree? 

#18 💉

18?! Honestly, we have no words for this one. But it was sent nearly 2,000 times this year! 🤣 

Getting started with emojis and more personalized email and text recruiting

Because at the end of the day, showing emotion with tiny images helps us get to know one another. Emojis can be a powerful part of your engagement strategy, and the right text recruiting platform can help you properly leverage them. Sense takes your emojis very seriously 🤩. To see Sense in action and learn how we can help you build stronger relationships, schedule a demo today.

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