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How forward-thinking staffing firms approach candidate data

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Alexandra Kane
November 13, 2021

It’s a pretty safe bet that you know data is important. Just about every staffing firm wants to collect data. Large, popular companies are under fire for covertly taking it from their customers -- but why? Because it’s valuable.  These companies use data to make smarter business decisions and ultimately, to generate revenue. 

You don’t have to sneak around in order to gain candidate data. In fact, you are likely sitting on a treasure trove of data already! Forward-thinking staffing firms know this, and are taking a strategic approach to candidate data. Here’s how:

They keep their candidate data up to date.

Data is not “one and done.” In order to fully leverage candidate data, keeping it up to date is critical. Not only does current data allow you to better target your messaging and create a more personalized candidate and contractor experience, reaching out to candidates in order to update their data can serve as a powerful tool to increase redeployment rates. 

A couple things to keep in mind when contacting candidates to update their data:

Use their preferred communication method

Today for the most part, that is through text. We’re using our phones more than ever -- but we’re using them to surf, scroll and text increasingly more often than we’re using them for actual phone calls! When you reach out to candidates, using their preferred communication method ensures you get a response (and more than likely with texting, a timely one), rather than sitting in inbox oblivion, or playing phone tag. 

Parlay the request into a conversation

Once you’ve re-engaged dormant candidates or contractors to update their data, don’t let the conversation stop there! As I mentioned above, updating data can also help you increase redeployment rates. Confirm data or ask for updates, then, take the opportunity to share relevant opportunities or otherwise keep the conversation flowing. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this post for some example messages

They use data to create a better candidate/contractor experience.

Today’s candidates are demanding more from employers. They don’t want to be treated as a “resume” or a “number,” but expect a personalized, engaging experience with potential employers and the agencies that recruit them. 

Candidate data empowers you to create the personalized experience your talent is craving. From a simple “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” text on important dates, to relevant job openings and more (check out this blog for some additional inspiration), using data to improve your candidate/contractor experience is easy to implement, and extremely powerful.

They leverage all their technologies.

Your technology investments is likely one of your most significant monthly expenses -- and that starts with your ATS. Forward-thinking staffing firms are rockstars at leveraging their ATS, their system of record, together with an engagement platform (like Sense), to gather, update and use candidate data. (Pro-tip, with smart automation with Sense, you can even do it automatically with Sense Journeys to keep your database clean, refreshed and up to date without lifting a finger! Imagine, resumes with updated zip codes and phone numbers!)

There is a literal treasure trove of data in your ATS. The right engagement platform taps into that data and puts it to work for you. 

They put data to work without overloading their teams.

Manually texting, calling, emailing hundreds or even thousands of candidates would take an awfully long time. Then, entering data, setting up calendar reminders...the list can seem endless. And your recruiters (plus your account managers and other key team members) are already busy. Putting candidate data near the top of your priorities list can seem like a pipe dream. Did you know 33% of recruiters’ time is spent doing data entry? Another 33% of their time is spent prospecting. That doesn’t leave a ton of time for well… actually being a person!

So, how are these forward-thinking staffing firms doing all of these things to collect and leverage candidate data? As I mentioned above, it comes down to technology. 

For example, Sense works together with your ATS to pull, update and use candidata data to create a seamless talent experience. Create workflows, templates and triggers, and your technology does the rest, sending out personalized communications, updating data and then handing off the conversation only when it’s the right time for a member of your team to get involved. The amount of time (and ultimately, $$$) saved is dramatic. And the potential impact on your revenue is powerful. 

Ready to start better-leveraging candidate data?

Here at Sense, our team is comprised of staffing industry experts. We are here as strategic partners to help you best leverage your candidate data -- and your technology investment. To see Sense in action and learn more about how we can help your staffing firm, schedule a demo with a member of our team today

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