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How Leading Companies Leverage Automation to Exceed Hiring Goals

Posted by
Steven Miller
July 27, 2023

The adoption of recruiting automation has been on the rise, with a remarkable 547% year-over-year growth.

Having worked in the talent acquisition space for over 13 years and collaborated with various enterprise recruiting teams, I have witnessed a significant shift in prioritizing automation to improve hiring speed and recruiter productivity.

Recently in a webinar, I specifically covered how Sense’s talent engagement technology can help your team work smarter and more efficiently while delivering exceptional ROI.

Here are the key takeaways from the session.

How automation helps drive engagement across the talent lifecycle

Progressing talent through the lifecycle is a long process. A potential employee can exit the lifecycle at any point should they have a poor experience or simply lose interest in the role.

The Sense talent engagement platform helps you engage talent throughout the hiring process. Here’s a deep dive into some of the Sense modules and how they empower recruiting teams.

Engage candidates 24/7/365 with AI chatbots

43% of candidates report quick responses after applying are the most important factor when working with a recruiter. And as much as recruiters would like to respond to them instantly, they can’t be available 24/7/365.

Sense AI chatbots can help recruiters in several ways:

Instantly engage with candidates

Sense Chatbot lives on your career website and answers candidates' queries or FAQs, and even sends them relevant job opportunities real-time. 

Simplify screening and scheduling

Screening chatbot saves recruiters a lot of time by helping pre-screen a candidate through a series of pre-determined questions, designed to assess their qualifications, experience, and suitability for the job. It also allows qualified candidates to schedule an interview directly on the recruiter's calendar, all within a few minutes.

Make applying easy

Sense chatbot makes submitting an application really easy. Candidates can simply scan a QR code or text to apply to begin learning more about your organization and chatbots instantly capture their interest.

Engage with candidates at events

Recruiting events focus on building candidate connections, and chatbots can aid recruiters in real-time engagement during events such as job fairs, campus recruitment, etc. Sense chatbots facilitate quick interaction and capture candidate details in the ATS.

Leverage messaging to engage candidates continuously 

According to Talent Board, texting is one of the most successful methods to reach out to candidates today, with response rates as high as 51%.

Sense has simplified the texting experience for your recruiters by powering them with a web-based texting widget that works right within your ATS. Your recruiters can send personalized 1:1 messages or mass messages via WhatsApp or SMS to groups of candidates directly from the Sense platform. Recruiting teams can also collaborate on texting campaigns seamlessly with a shared inbox. To save time further and maintain consistency, make use of the library of ready-to-use texting templates.

Our customers have achieved 3X faster replies with text messaging while providing an outstanding candidate experience.

Deploy automated multichannel workflows

Candidates have different questions, concerns, and motivations depending on where they are in the talent lifecycle. Entering them into the right Talent Journey allows you to send a series of relevant, automated messages to keep you top of mind and move them forward in the hiring process.

You can implement these automated journeys across texts, emails, and chatbots to deliver the right message at the right time. Some examples of automated journeys include:

The passive-to-active journey: reactivates dormant candidates in your database

The job application submission journey: encourages candidates to submit applications quickly 

The interview journey: automatically sends pre- and post-interview communications

The on-assignment journey: automates the pre-joining communications and ensures a seamless onboarding process

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Get the best out of your recruiting database

Particularly in tough economies, recruiting teams should maximize the ROI of their existing database. With Sense, you can create compelling reactivation campaigns to re-engage with this known talent pool.

You can also connect qualified candidates in your database to open roles through Search and Match AI. This includes silver medalists (candidates who were great but didn’t land the offer), candidates who didn’t accept offers, or on-assignment candidates to prepare them for their next opportunity. Database reactivation reduces job board spending and turns your existing database into a talent goldmine.

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Keep an eye on recruiting analytics and core hiring metrics

Robust recruiting analytics will help you measure the ROI of your hiring initiatives, gauge the performance of your recruiting team, and analyze historical trends to proactively identify where you’re succeeding and where you need to improve.

All Sense modules come with strong analytics capabilities. Our analytics provide insight into various aspects of the recruitment process, such as whether text messages are being delivered, if candidates are booking time on the calendar through scheduling tools, and whether they are responding to automated messages.

Want to transform your hiring process?

In my two years at Sense, I have seen businesses achieve staggering results with our platform. Over 900 talent-centric brands are using Sense to fast-track their recruiting efforts and delight candidates.

Do you want to see how Sense can streamline your recruiting efforts? Request a demo and my team would be happy to give you a detailed walkthrough of Sense.

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