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How to Use WhatsApp for Recruiting: Introducing WhatsApp for Sense Messaging

Posted by
Wendy Lu
July 27, 2023

When it comes to high-volume hiring, the best way to reach candidates is on their phones. In fact, Sense and Talent Board surveyed 350+ talent leaders and found that texting has become the most effective communication channel for engaging candidates. 

While candidates in the U.S. primarily use SMS to communicate, candidates globally are more active on WhatsApp.

Do companies hire through WhatsApp?

With the launch of WhatsApp for recruiting, recruiters everywhere can engage candidates on their preferred messaging platform. Global talent acquisition teams can now expand their outreach strategies and connect with more candidates — all while reducing candidate drop-off, accelerating hiring, and increasing response rates.

How do I use WhatsApp for recruiting?

Using WhatsApp for Sense Messaging, recruiters can send 1:1 messages directly to candidates or broadcast messages to groups of candidates at specific stages of their hiring journey. Even more, all messages are sent and managed directly from the Sense platform — not individual recruiters’ phones — enhancing the candidate and recruiter experience and ensuring all candidate communication is recorded. 

WhatsApp recruiting features

Here is a short summary of what else is included in WhatsApp for Sense Messaging:

  • Shared inboxes provide users visibility into the conversations that are happening and empower teams to collaborate on candidate engagement.
  • WhatsApp and SMS messages are separated by tabs in the Sense platform so recruiters can easily distinguish between different outreach channels.
  • Messaging templates can be uploaded so recruiters can instantly send personalized, on-brand messages to candidates. 
  • Messages are color-coded within Sense, helping recruiters differentiate between 1:1 messages, broadcast messages, and candidate replies.
  • The Sense Chrome Extension and mobile app allow recruiters to seamlessly reply to candidates without having to switch devices.

Enhance your talent engagement strategy with WhatsApp recruiting and texting

With this release, we’re providing talent acquisition teams with another feature that will drive hiring success. Let’s take a deeper look at how WhatsApp for Sense Messaging can help you engage talent and meet your hiring goals. 

  • Source more candidates and grow your team – Build a global team by engaging candidates in the U.S. using SMS and global candidates with WhatsApp.
  • Increase response rates and accelerate hiring – Meet candidates on the communication platform they’re most active on so you get quicker responses.
  • Provide an outstanding candidate experience – Keep candidates updated on their status throughout the hiring process with personalized text messages. 
  • Manage candidate communication in a centralized platform – Get visibility into all candidate conversations and maintain relationships with candidates if a recruiter leaves your company.
  • Work together toward hiring goals – Empower your recruiter team to seamlessly collaborate by working out of a shared inbox.
  • Track recruiter performance – Use Sense Analytics to track recruiter performance and uncover barriers to hiring success. 

Sense customers experience 55% increased response rates, 3X faster replies, and make 3X more hires. We’d love to show you how you can experience similar results. Request a demo today.

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