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How to Leverage Sense for Staffing Business Development

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Nupura Ughade
April 27, 2023

57% of staffing companies that don’t have a process for prospect engagement don’t know where to start, according to our State of Staffing 2023 survey.

Sales has always been the lifeblood of the staffing industry. While recruiting challenges remain in most verticals, we are seeing a massive priority shift toward improvements in prospecting and sales nurturing.

Unsurprisingly, Sense's top-performing customers are leveraging our technology not only for recruitment and marketing automation but for sales automation as well. Here's how.

How Sense accelerates staffing sales 

Prospecting efficiently is more important today than ever. 31% of staffing leaders cite competition as one of their biggest challenges in 2023. And just as with recruiting, technology plays a critical role as staffing firms shift, pivot, and otherwise alter their sales processes to better add to, nurture, and close deals with their prospects.

Re-engage dormant contacts

In our State of Staffing 2023 survey, 56% of respondents cited ‘long sales cycles’ as the biggest challenge for staffing sales.

Sometimes, your timing just isn’t right. While we can’t speed up the process itself, regular check-ins with your dormant or cold contacts keep you top of mind with prospects. But, many staffing sales reps are working hundreds of contacts. It’s impossible to keep up with all of them. 

Automated follow-up sequences and carefully-crafted messaging help you stay memorable for the right reasons. Sharing valuable content such as blogs and expert advice from SMEs about how growth strategies in the current economy can be helpful, especially for dormant contacts who may not be looking to change vendors right now. Continue to engage and nurture prospects in hard-hit verticals like IT so that when things turn around, they think of you first.

Automating time-consuming follow-ups frees up your sales teams to work more bottom-of-funnel leads, reach out to additional prospects, and engage in other, more revenue-focused activities.

Send personalized 1:1 and mass texts to prospects

Juggling several active prospect conversations is a major time-suck for sales teams. Sense Messaging can be a valuable tool to improve both 1:1 and mass texting sales conversations.

Sense Messaging allows sales teams to personalize their messages to each individual prospect, at scale. You can sharpen your targeting with advanced search based on phone number, name, tags, and more.  It also enables teams to collaborate on a shared inbox, which can be especially useful for large sales teams that need to coordinate their outreach efforts.

Deploy automated multichannel sales workflows

According to Forrester Research, businesses that nurture leads make 50% more sales at 33% lower cost than non-nurtured prospects. Unfortunately, most firms fail at delivering consistent, relevant outreach, and you never know when a client or prospect will have a need. They won’t always reach out to you – you need to reach out to them.

Identify prospects' pain points and create custom campaigns with content highlighting how you can solve them. Using Sense’s Sales Journeys, you can create custom journeys for sales prospects based on specific pain points. It then runs on autopilot to send out a series of resources that help your prospects solve that problem.

Some examples of Sense Sales Journeys include:

  • The Prospect-to-Client Journey: Send targeted nurturing drips to prospective clients to convert them into clients.
  • The Inactive-to-Active Journey: Send an automated campaign targeted at inactive contacts to help nurture

Automated journeys for key prospects help engage them until 1:1 communication is needed—and that’s where your sales team can shine.

These personalized journeys play a key role in your ABM strategy and can be used to keep clients engaged, keep client contacts updated, and also upsell additional services to clients (more ROI!)

Leverage data and analytics to stand out in RFPs

Your data doesn’t just help you optimize your staffing operations. It can also help you gain a competitive advantage, helping you win over new clients and retain existing ones. Many of our clients are using insights from Sense Analytics to boost sales.

Here are some data points that can differentiate your staffing firm:

  • Redeployment rates
  • Assignment length
  • NPS scores
  • Engagement rate
  • Contractor satisfaction surveys

Use this data to position your staffing firm as a superior partner and win RFPs with your ability to measure success.

Collect sales leads through your website

Although chatbots are commonly recognized as a candidate communication channel, they can also serve as a valuable asset for staffing sales teams.

If you're not getting back to interested prospects right away, they'll go to the competition. AI chatbots instantly engage anyone interested in your company and capture their details so that your sales team can get in touch with them quickly.

AI chatbots collect data about prospects, such as their contact information, company size, and hiring needs. You can leverage this data to personalize future communication with the prospect and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Through a set of pre-programmed questions, an AI chatbot can also qualify leads based on the rules you have set. And without losing any time, a scheduling bot can instantly start filling your sales team’s calendar with appointments from qualified prospects.

Empower your sales teams with automation

Forward-thinking staffing firms are already utilizing automation to shorten sales cycles, move leads down the funnel, and beat the competition. Get a customized demo to see how Sense can help your sales team generate more business.

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