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Leveraging AI Recruiting Chatbots in Your Strategy

Posted by
Diana Mitchell
July 27, 2023

Recruiting teams will be expected to operate lean and efficiently moving forward. And while these tightened expectations hinge on the economic situation, it’s safe to assume that these expectations and changes will be, in some ways, permanent. After all, what business doesn’t want to operate more efficiently? AI recruiting chatbots and assistants play a pivotal role in successful recruitment strategies today.

Why AI recruiting chatbots? Why now?

Although chatbot technology has been accessible for several years now, it has recently begun gaining real traction among TA teams and staffing agencies. Why is that? Even before COVID…

  • Recruiting teams have been pounded with resumes (many unqualified) and are overburdened by administrative tasks like pre-screening and scheduling interviews.
  • Candidates - especially in high-demand industries like healthcare - work shifts around the clock and aren’t always able to ask questions or provide information during the 9 to 5.
  • Hiring processes are slower than ever, and it’s costing companies. Top talent is always in demand, and if you’re not responding to talent in seconds, they are moving on. Chatbots make your recruiting team “available” 24/7.

How AI recruiting chatbots fit into your strategy

AI and automation are playing pivotal roles in successful recruiting teams today. And even if your company is in a hiring freeze, or your recruiting needs have scaled back considerably, integrating an AI recruiting assistant or chatbot into your recruitment strategy will help you not only nurture talent now, but to be prepared with engaged talent when things open back up.

Here are three parts of your recruiting strategy where AI recruiting chatbots (and an AI recruiting platform) can generate significant ROI:

AI recruiting chatbots for pre-screening

Depending on the industry and role, recruiters can see hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a single job opening. Pre-screening many of those candidates can add up to countless hours lost. Today’s most powerful AI chatbots can pre-screen candidates automatically after they apply, saving you considerable time and allowing your recruiters to focus their attention on the most relevant candidates for your opening.

AI recruiting chatbots for scheduling interviews

Today’s candidates are applying 24/7, and if they’re applying at off times (this is especially relevant for nurses and other healthcare professionals, but really any professional who isn’t available during the standard 9 to 5), it can be challenging for recruiters to get interviews scheduled. In fact, the back and forth via text, voicemail, or email can take days or even longer!

AI recruiting chatbots today can actually pre-screen, as noted above, and when candidates are a fit, chatbots like Sense Interview Scheduling can automatically connect to your recruiter calendars and schedule time directly on calendars, even while your recruiters are off the clock.

Not only does this save literal time for your recruiters and increase productivity, it can significantly reduce candidate drop-off, since talent today is likely to respond to the first company that gets back to them. Delays of days or even hours in some instances can make the difference between landing a top candidate or a continued search.

AI recruiting chatbots for FAQs

I’ve already touched upon today’s candidates and their habit of searching for and applying to jobs 24/7, and very frequently outside of the 9 to 5. If candidates have to wait for answers to their questions, they're more likely to go with the employer that answers their questions the fastest. With today's best chatbots, you can provide instant access to answers for the most common (and important) questions talent may ask. Things like salary, job requirements, and more.

AI recruiting chatbots for job matching

If a particular candidate has a strong background but simply isn’t a fit for this particular job, job matching AI recruiting chatbots can play a powerful role in connecting them to the right jobs. Sense Discover, for example, can suggest jobs that are a fit for candidates based on input from some questions, or by reviewing their resumes. It can also help connect candidates already in your database to new job openings.

There are levels of hiring ROI on this one. First, it saves recruiters time that is wasted with candidates who aren’t a fit for the specific jobs they’re working. Second, it prevents candidate dropoff and keeps talent engaged and excited about the potential of working with your company. And, it can help you maximize the value of your current candidate database and minimize job board spend.

Something to consider when choosing an AI recruiting chatbot

Not all recruiting chatbots are built alike. In fact, the strength and innovation of your AI make a profound difference in candidate and recruiter experience and ultimately, ROI. Sense AI chatbot leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional experiences and game-changing ROI. Be sure to put in your due diligence when vetting potential AI recruiting chatbot partners!

Need some data to get internal buy-in on an ai recruiting chatbot?  

We recently conducted some eye-opening AI recruiting chatbot research with our friends at Talent Board, with insights into chatbots and candidate communication preferences. Download the report here.

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