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New Research: Chatbots Rated Most Successful Candidate Communication Method

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Wendy Lu
July 27, 2023

We all know the early (quick) bird gets the best candidates, but what’s really happening on the front lines in today’s competitive recruiting landscape? What forms of communication and recruiting technologies are companies leaning on to stay one step ahead of the competition and engage quickly with candidates? 

We wanted to find out, so we partnered with Talent Board, a non-profit research organization focused on the candidate experience, to better understand the talent acquisition trends and how TA teams are coping with the pressures of attracting and communicating with qualified candidates in today’s volatile market. 

You can find all of the data in the full report, “How Chatbots and Conversational AI Improve Talent Engagement and the Candidate Experience”. We surveyed hundreds of HR and talent acquisition leaders across industries and company size.

Here’s a quick breakdown of key findings:

  • The #1 challenge for recruiting teams today is connecting and engaging with passive talent (42%), followed by candidate communications (30%), and creating compelling job descriptions (30%)*. 
  • The most successful method in contacting and communicating with candidates was via chatbots and Conversational AI (36%), followed by CRMs (30%) and texting (28%).  
  • The top 3 reasons corporations have implemented chatbot technology are to improve the responsiveness of their candidate communications (61%), free up recruiters’ time and enhance their productivity (54%), and enhance the overall quality of the candidate experience (45%).

In addition, we asked talent acquisition leaders who have implemented chatbot technology, what benefits they are seeing as a result. 51% of respondents cite a “significant improvement” in candidate satisfaction as a direct result of implementing their chatbots; 49% say their chatbots have enhanced the overall quality of their company’s candidate experience; 35% say chatbots have freed up recruiters’ time and enhanced their productivity.*

Additional benefits of implementing conversational AI chatbots reported include*:

  • 29% -- Accelerating the overall hiring process
  • 27% -- Helping candidates better identify their open job preferences
  • 26% -- Automating the interview scheduling
  • 24% -- Helping candidates submit their job applications easier
  • 21% -- Providing candidates updates about their application throughout various stages of the recruiting process


It’s clear that talent acquisition teams of any hiring volume today must rely on the right recruiting technologies at virtually every stage of the recruiting process to ensure timely and consistent candidate communications - in particular the implementation of chatbots and conversational AI. 

This research shows that chatbots and conversational AI are vital recruiting technologies helping companies hire qualified talent faster, and more effectively and improve the quality, frequency and consistency of their candidate communications.

*Multiple responses were allowed

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