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Sense Acquires AI-Powered Recruitment Provider, Skillate

Posted by
Anil Dharni
July 27, 2023

We hear day in and day out about the challenges that global recruiting teams still face when it comes to finding, engaging and hiring talent. In fact, according to our research with the Talent Board, the #1 challenge for recruiting teams today is connecting and engaging with passive talent. 

With candidates still very much in the driver’s seat and hiring demands not showing any signs of slowing, the art of recruiting is in need of a significant overhaul. One where each and every engagement with a candidate is personalized, memorable and valuable. One where recruiters are focused on building and maintaining relationships with candidates in a way that fosters trust, builds loyalty and ultimately drives results in meeting and exceeding hiring goals. And one that does all this without sacrificing one of the most important metrics -  time to hire.

This is exactly what we’re focused on here at Sense - helping global recruiting and talent teams make this important shift from reactive to proactive recruiting where candidate relationships are front and center, and recruiting teams are armed with the right technology to foster those relationships. 

With the acquisition of Skillate, a top AI recruiting platform, we’re excited to be advancing our mission. The addition of Skillate’s technology boosts our ability to provide AI-powered hiring solutions including candidate matching, job description assistant, and talent relationship management - each meant to help recruiting teams build meaningful and personalized relationships with candidates to meet hiring goals and deliver a seamless talent experience. 

The Skillate acquisition also brings new customers to the Sense family including top talent and recruiting organizations from Sony, Coca Cola and Anheuser-Busch along with 11 unicorns in India. We’re also looking forward to welcoming Skillate’s three founders to the Sense family as we continue to collaborate with them to advance our mission. 

Welcome to the Sense family, team Skillate!

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