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Sense Launches AI Chatbot With 24x7 Real Time Engagement to Simplify the Hiring Process

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Sneha Mashetty
November 16, 2021

New AI integration will save recruiters thousands of hours and provide a better talent experience

The newly launched Sense AI Chatbot offers seamless integration, available immediately upon activation, that sources and screens more qualified candidates faster while still providing white-glove, personalized candidate-focused experiences.

The Sense AI Chatbot is an automated recruiting assistant that can engage with candidates 24x7, responding to their queries in real-time even when recruiters are offline. It can screen candidates based on custom criteria, schedule interviews, and support database reactivation through candidate outreach.

A seamless part of the Sense suite, the chatbot pairs conversational AI with automated communication and engagement workflows and two-way texts. As a result, recruiters are able to hire faster, source more candidates, focus efforts on qualified candidates, automate interview scheduling and provide an overall better experience for all.

“Efficiency is one of the largest pain points for recruiting professionals, especially with high volume hiring industries like hospitality, food and beverage, manufacturing, warehouse logistics, and retail,” said Alex Rosen, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Sense. “By integrating an AI-driven chatbot into our platform of solutions that is actively engaging 24x7, we have enabled a very intelligent and responsive feature that will drastically increase efficiency and help companies hire faster while improving the overall candidate experience.”

Key Features and Capabilities of AI Chatbot:

Conversational AI: Conversations with the Sense AI Chatbot are available 24/7 to drive engagement and happier candidates

Enrich and Reactivate your Database: Sense AI Chatbot streamlines and supercharges candidate sourcing, database reactivation, and data enrichment at scale

Screen & Schedule: Save time and increase recruiter productivity by automating top of funnel applicant screening and interview scheduling

Integrated with ATS: Every answer from chatbot conversations are recorded and synced to the ATS, easily updating candidate information from a single interaction

Inbound Chatbot:
Give talent 24/7 support without increasing headcount
Source, screen, and schedule talent all in one conversation

Text to Apply:
Get more applicants in the funnel
Let people text-in and apply to jobs conversationally. Automate responses, collect their info, and create candidate profiles in the ATS instantly

No-code: Launch conversations within hours, not days, through Sense’ intuitive, no-code platform with templates

"We set out to create fantastic experiences for job seekers, leveraging the power of technology to enable our Strategic-Partners and we turned to the Sense AI Chatbot to make this happen. As a result, PrideStaff has saved several thousand recruiter hours while placing more candidates and achieving high NPS scores. Time savings and happier clients? It's a win-win," said Tammi Heaton, Co-CEO of PrideStaff.

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