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Want more positive online reviews? We’ve got the secret 🕵️‍♂️

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Alexandra Kane
November 13, 2021

Online reviews are probably on your radar, but do you know how much of an impact they truly make on your recruiting efforts? 

* 50% of job seekers read online reviews

* 35% of workers would pull out of the recruitment process after reading negative reviews (Source: Glassdoor)

* About 75% of Glassdoor users read at least 4 reviews before forming an opinion about a company

So in short, online reviews can make a MAJOR influence. Sites like Google and Glassdoor, plus others like Facebook and Yelp, can make or break your ability to attract talent. And in today’s labor market, the ultimate impact on your staffing firm’s bottom line can be dramatic. 

So, what’s the secret? 

Strong online reviews can help candidates make important decisions, and can provide fuel for your recruitment marketing campaigns. We recently shared a blog post talking about NPS and timing -- often an annual task on the to-do list of staffing firms. 

Among other things, taking a fluid approach to NPS and gathering feedback can help you create better experiences for your candidates (and clients). It can help you improve your scores. And gathering NPS data also provides you an excellent opportunity to ask for feedback through online reviews.

How can you DO all that, though, especially throughout the year?!

Here’s the big reveal. The secret to landing on the top of the pack.

Automation 🤫

We’ve been talking about automation a lot lately. That’s because there are SO many moving parts and processes in a staffing firm. It’s nearly impossible for everyone to keep up. Yet, keeping up on things like engagement and reviews helps land more clients and place more candidates. 

It can feel so hard to keep up. 

Here at Sense, we were founded by staffing industry and software veterans who understood those challenges. And built a platform designed specifically for staffing firms to overcome them. Automation is one of the most powerful technologies helping you do just that. 

How to use automation for your online reviews

Okay, so NPS, online reviews, automation -- it might feel like a lot to digest. At this point you’re probably wondering how you can put these things into action for your staffing firm. 

Remember that NPS blog I mentioned earlier? You might want to take a look again for a refresher on when you want to collect feedback from your contractors. You’ll want to set up workflows to automate messages at the right times.

By automating messages throughout their assignments, you significantly lessen the risk of receiving negative online reviews. Since any issues are more likely to be brought to your attention when you can do something about them, your contractors are much more likely to sing your praises!

To that point, the big “ask” for an online review will likely come at or just after the end of an assignment. 

Keep it super short, simple and direct by trying a text like this:

Hey [NAME], congrats on wrapping up your [CLIENT] assignment - you did great! I know we’ve been in touch throughout, but I’m wondering if you have any additional feedback now that you’ve wrapped up? 

Then, follow up with a text like this:

As always, thank you for your feedback 🙏 I’d be super grateful if you’d consider writing us a [GOOGLE/INDEED/GLASSDOOR/ETC] review. Would you mind taking a minute? 

To make it SUPER easy for them to leave you the review, we recommend to Sense clients including a link to the actual site. Our data shows almost double the conversions when you make it this accessible!

You can also combine these into one message, rather than a short workflow. Using your engagement platform, you can do some A/B testing to see which helps you get the most, best responses!

Real-world results

Candidate and contractor engagement are also pretty hot topics in our industry right now. We talk about them a lot here too! That’s because staffing firms who invest in engagement get better results. 

We literally see this EVERY DAY with our clients. 

Take GTN Technical Staffing. A 20-year IT staffing vet based in DFW, they were plagued by negative Glassdoor reviews from some disgruntled employees (I bet you’ve experienced or have heard stories like this firsthand -- it’s SO common). 

To meet their goal of building out contractor staffing and headcount, they needed a more positive presence on Glassdoor. 

Using automated outreach as part of their contractor care efforts, GTNs reviews quickly improved on all major platforms. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 1.09.57 PM

Pretty good, right?!

The positive online reviews have helped GTN create and establish their employer brand, attracting more candidates so they can, in turn, grow their client base. As contractors are happier, GTN has also been able to make redeployment more efficient.

Talk about a win/win.

How could online reviews help your staffing firm grow?

Here at Sense, we don’t just provide the technology to help you automate things like online reviews and contractor feedback. Our clients receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who has in-depth knowledge of and experience in the staffing industry. We’ll get to know your firm, your goals and your challenges, and we’ll help you use our technology to reach your goals.

To learn more and walk through our technology one-on-one, schedule a demo with our team today

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