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The 10 Text Messages You Should Be Sending, Part 2: Clients

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Alexandra Kane
November 13, 2021

Research shows many of us spend more than 3 hours per day on our phones. And it’s probably not a stretch to estimate a good chunk of that time on our phones falls in the work day.

Building and nurturing strong client relationships is one of those goals for staffing firms that will never go out of style. You’ll always need clients to stay in business! And with ghosting becoming increasingly common in a cutthroat era for recruiters, finding new, better ways to engage your clients and stay top of mind is especially important.

Enter: Texting.

We’re all on our phones throughout the day. Checking and responding to texts, scrolling social media, and doing more “productive” tasks. It just makes sense to stay in touch using nearly everyone’s preferred medium. You’re more likely to get a response and less likely to get stuck in the inbox abyss.

Earlier this spring, we talked about texting candidates and contractors for staffing firms to build and nurture stronger relationships. Today, we’ll dig into some texting examples for clients.

Allow us to share some inspiration...

1. Recruiting Updates

Phone tag is not fun for anyone, and emails get lost in an overcrowded inbox. But a short text updating your client on your recruiting efforts keeps that client in the loop and shows just how diligently you’re working to find them the right talent.

Here’s an example:

Hi [NAME], I wanted to let you know that we’ve got some excellent candidates in mind for the [JOB] opening. I’m reaching out to them today and will be in touch tomorrow with an update!


2. Meeting Reminders/Updates

We’ve all been in a situation where a task (or the day) got away from us. Only then do we seem to remember a meeting on our calendar. A quick text an hour or two (or the morning of, etcetera) an important meeting can be the visual cue or interruption we need to keep that meeting top of mind.

Something simple like, Hey [NAME], I’m planning on discussing A and B during our call tomorrow at [TIME]. Anything you’d like me to add to the agenda? can work well.


3. First Day Check-in 📅

We unsurprisingly recommended a similar text for candidates, but a first day check in can also be helpful for clients. If something is wrong or the client has questions, you’ll be at the ready to answer them and smooth over any challenges before they become problems.

Try something like this:

Hi [NAME], [CONTRACTOR] was very excited to get started today. How is he/she doing so far? Is there anything I can do to help?

4. Mid-Placement Check-in

Once candidates and clients hit their groove during a placement, you may not hear anything for awhile. That’s usually a good sign, but why not be sure? Plus, you get the added benefit of staying top of mind in case another hiring need comes up.

You’ll be sending mid-placement check in texts to your consultants anyway, so you might as well check in and be sure all is well from the client perspective 👍

Here’s a short example:

Hey [CLIENT] How are things with [CONTRACTOR]? I’m still here if you have any questions or need anything at all during your assignment. Just let me know how I can help 👍📱


5. Post Mortem

A formal post mortem may not be necessary for all clients, particularly when you fill more than one opening for that company. But a quick text to ensure the client is/was happy, and to see if you can help with anything else, can not only boost your client relationship. It can lead to more placements 💰

Think something short and sweet like this:

Hi [NAME], Now that [CONTRACTOR]’s assignment has ended, I wanted to check in and see how things went. Is there anything else I can do to help right now? Just let me know!

6. Celebrate Big Days

Client anniversaries, birthdays, major business acquisitions, and other important days are cause for celebration. A quick text to acknowledge the day is a nice personal touch that will be appreciated for sure. 🥳

These texts can be especially effective with dormant clients who haven’t reached out in awhile. A well-intentioned text on an important day could lead directly to revenue for your staffing firm. 👊💵

Everyone appreciates a text like this:

Hi [NAME], I saw online that [COMPANY] won an award - congratulations! Well deserved 😃

7. Surveys/NPS

When surveys come through our inboxes, many of us have the best of intentions. But there are just. So. Many. Emails. To deal with every day, surveys tend to make their way to the bottom of the list (or the trash can).

But your NPS score is a super important metric for your staffing firm. Measuring your client happiness can help you land more clients and grow your firm.

You can’t afford for your surveys to get lost in the shuffle. 🤷‍♂️

Instead of sending emails and crossing your fingers they’ll get noticed, shoot a quick survey to your clients where they spend their time -- on their phones. Make it easy for them to say good things about you, and they’re much more likely to do it!

Keep the message especially short, along with a link to the survey:

Hi [NAME], we are always looking for ways to make our clients happier. It would be so helpful if you could take 5 minutes to tell us how we’re doing. Thanks in advance! [LINK].


8. Top Candidates

Whether you’re working on a req for a client right now or not, if you have a candidate who you know matches that client’s profile perfectly, shoot a text over with some basic details. You could end up with a match, and at the very least, it shows your clients that you’re thinking of them and how to help their business.

Remember with any of these texts to keep them short and sweet. A few key details (and a link) can work well here:

Hey [CLIENT], I just met with a really talented [TITLE] who has just the experience I know you prefer. If you have a need for XX, let me know (here’s a link to his/her resume [LINK]0.

9. Say "Hi"

Sometimes client relationships taper off, and they end up in your “archive” files. But a quick text to say “hello” and see how someone is doing can be all it takes to instigate conversations and ultimately, drive business.

The occasional 👋 can work on its own. But if you can add to that “hi” with some of the other ideas included in this list, you’re likely to get an even better response rate.

Here’s a basic example:

Hi [NAME], It has been awhile since we last touched base. I just wanted to say “hello” and see how things are going 👋


10. Event Details🎪

Depending on your specific niche or specialty, you may occasionally be at the same events and conferences as your clients. Or perhaps you are hosting an event, or are a sponsor/vendor at an event and would like to invite your client.

A quick test to see if your client is in town and wants to meet for coffee or drinks can be an excellent way to build a stronger relationship. And invitations to relevant events can add real value for your clients.

Here’s an example:

Hi [NAME], I know you’re going to be at [EVENT] this week. We’re at Table XX! I’d love to meet up on [DAY] to catch up while we’re in [CITY]. What time works for you?


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