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The super-secret trick to getting way more value from your tech investment

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Alexandra Kane
November 13, 2021

Data suggests businesses across the globe will be spending more than $3 trillion on tech. Now that includes all of IT and tech initiatives, but put simply, we’re spending a LOT of money on technology. 

After all, tech has the potential to streamline our businesses, make our lives easier and ultimately, to increase our ROI. It makes sense to invest in more, better technology. a point. 

Investing in the right technologies can have a dramatic impact on your business. Your employees can be more productive, you can save money by consolidating technical solutions, and with the right technology, you can increase revenue (for staffing firms specifically, the right technology can help you increase redeployment, improve contractor retention, increase productivity and much, much more). 

But to reap those rewards, you have to focus on the right technology. Just as strategy is critical in every component of your business, a strategic approach to your technology investment is critical. 

Here at Sense, we talk a lot about our Engage and Messaging tools. Our clients are getting impressive (to say the least) results. Staffing firms like yours are decreasing their spend, increasing the right numbers across the board, and are making their lives simpler with products designed from the beginning to work seamlessly with their ATS. 

Now, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Because you know that our technology is cutting-edge and a game changer for staffing firms. But with so much attention focused (rightfully) on the ability of our technology to deliver ROI, we have a super-secret trick that helps you get way more out of your investment in Sense. 

And it’s a trick that you can use to help you make investments in other technology down the road. 

Our super-secret trick? 

Our CSMs (customer success managers) are SO much more than, well, customer success managers. They serve as true strategic partners for our clients. 

This is a dynamic that you’re probably not used to -- CSMs as a strategic guide?! 

But that’s exactly the team that we’ve built here at Sense. Our leadership has its roots in staffing, We know and love this industry. So, we built a team comprised of both staffing veterans and, initially, novices. We nurtured the novices and helped them fall in love with staffing. And we armed them with the latest data, insights, and information so that they can help Sense clients get dramatic results. 

It’s a POWERFUL combination. One that we are proud to leverage here at Sense. Our CSMs may or may not wear capes (okay, most of them don’t), but we like to think of them as the superheroes of our office. 

Let’s take a look at the everyday CSMs at many software companies, versus our amazing CSMs here at Sense:

Everyday software CSMs

  • Adequately trained in customer service principles, but came from a range of industries and backgrounds
  • Respond and provide technical assistance when you reach out to them with a problem
  • Are there when you need them, but otherwise are just waiting for an issue to arise
  • Serve as a vendor to meet a very specific need and fulfill a specific purpose, showing you what buttons to click or settings to update so the software does the task it’s supposed to do

Sense CSMs

  • Staffing experts with deep industry expertise who came to Sense because they wanted to make an impact in our industry
  • True partners, working with your staffing firm from implementation throughout the client lifecycle
  • Proactively run quarterly business reports and help you craft custom implementations to continually help you maximize your investment in the Sense platform
  • Support you as partners, not vendors, helping you set up Sense to work within your business and its processes, think about how you can best use the platform to help your strategic goals, then set a plan to give you the training and ongoing support needed to get there

The difference between Sense CSMs and everyday software CSMs is, well...there really isn’t necessarily a “difference,” is there? They are in two completely different orbits. Our team is here to serve as your strategic partner. We help you integrate Sense into your firm, and take full advantage of its capabilities -- and our industry knowledge -- to maximize ROI and hit your goals. 

See for yourself the difference that comes with a strategic partner. 

Really, the best way to understand the Sense difference is to talk to one of our CSMs and see firsthand how Sense can help your staffing firm reach its goals. We are here to help! Schedule a demo to get started. 

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