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What's hiding in your candidate database?

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Devon Kerns
November 13, 2021

Whether your staffing firm was founded last year or 10 years ago, chances are your candidate database is pretty packed. After all, your team is spending hours each day canvassing your area and the web for talent.

In fact, your ATS may be stacked with millions of candidates. Seems like a gold mine, right? 

In reality, most staffing firms don’t even begin to tap into their databases. In many instances, contractors are placed once, never to be heard from again. 

Or maybe candidates drop out during the hiring process, they’re not selected by a particular client...the list goes on and on. But the conclusion is the same: Most of your candidate database is filled with inactive candidates or consultants. 

Your candidate database may seem like a never-ending warehouse of information (picture the huge warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark...only with candidate information)...

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What opportunities are hiding in your candidate database? 

Your recruiters are great, but they’re not superhuman. It’s nearly impossible to remember all the details of every candidate who ever applies or walks in the door. Every skill set, experience, strength...and there are a LOT of them. You could potentially have hundreds of thousands (or yes, even millions) of pieces of relevant information in your candidate database.

It can be super difficult and time consuming for your recruiters to weed through so much information to find what’s relevant. And who has extra time lying around today? 

Which is why most recruiters simply play the numbers game and try to recruit new candidates instead. While it’s good for your candidate database in one way, it’s also frustrating. Except for the needs of your clients that are on your desk right now, it might be difficult to ever consider that candidate for a position again. 

In other words, once the immediate, pending opportunity has passed (or the candidate is placed), your candidates end up lost in your ATS.

What a shame--

Consider this post your wakeup call. You shouldn’t be cleaning anything out of your database. Rather, you should be using and amending what you already have! Keep sourcing talent at the top of your funnel. Of course it makes sense to continuously add to your talent pipeline. 

But, to truly maximize your talent investment, increase redeployment (which translates directly and dramatically toward increased ROI), and actually put your robust candidate database to use, you need the right technology. 

Enter, automation and artificial intelligence. 

We’ve been talking quite a bit about some trendy terms lately. But we’re discussing them for good reason -- they are making a major impact on the staffing industry. And they have the potential to make a massive impact on your revenue. 

Right now, I want to touch upon automation and artificial intelligence. Two technical innovations that have the potential to truly unlock your candidate database. And of course, to drive revenue. 

Artificial intelligence (AI), put simply, uses software to perform tasks that are usually completed by us humans. But, much more rapidly and accurately.

Put into a real-world situation, let’s pretend a client just called you in desperate need for, say, a Java Developer with 5 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry who lives in Fargo, North Dakota. 

Your recruiter may have just seen a resume from someone with those precise qualifications. But probably not. 

Chances are, though, you have someone in your database with those precise qualifications. Without the ability to recall off the top of their heads, your recruiters are most often doomed to search for themselves or make do with the basic keyword search functionality of your ATS. 

AI can search your database in a fraction of a second, immediately identifying candidates who fit your designated criteria. 

But it gets better from there. 

Using automation, your candidate engagement platform can then contact that candidate to schedule an interview. 

All in seconds. Freeing up your recruiters to work on more important tasks while placing and nearly effortlessly redeploying more contractors. 

Imagine how that can change your day? 

Imagine how that can impact your year? 

Imagine how dramatically that can increase your revenue? 

Want to know what’s hiding in YOUR candidate database? 

We’d love to walk you through our platform and show you how Sense can help you maximize your candidate database (plus so much more). Schedule a demo with a member of our team to learn more.

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