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AI Texting Apps and How Recruiters Can Use them to Personalize Hiring

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Nupura Ughade
February 13, 2023

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and ChatGPT is a prime example of this ongoing evolution. AI has become a game-changer in the world of recruitment as well, helping recruiters automate time-consuming tasks and building deep candidate relationships with personalized communication.

AI texting is one of the most popular applications of AI in recruiting. Texting is a preferred method of communication for candidates and has shown better response rates. So how can you get the best out of this powerful medium of communication to drive results?

Let’s look at AI texting apps in detail and how you can leverage them to personalize hiring.

What are AI texting apps?

AI texting apps are applications that use artificial intelligence technology to automate text-based communication with candidates. They allow recruiters to interact with candidates through text messaging with the ability to provide instant and personalized responses.

AI texting apps use natural language processing and understanding (NLP/U) and machine learning to generate human-like responses, making candidate communications more intuitive and efficient.

Does that mean AI will replace humans? On the contrary, AI text messaging apps make recruiters’ lives easier by eliminating redundant tasks. On an average day, recruiters send hundreds of messages manually and personalizing each of them is impossible. AI texting apps personalize SMS campaigns at scale and enable recruiters to focus on more human aspects of recruiting, such as nurturing candidate relationships.

Some popular AI texting platforms include Sense Messaging, TextRecruit, and TextUs. Read more on our detailed blog about top texting platforms.

Advantages of AI texting in recruiting

Recruiters that leverage AI text messaging are realizing the following benefits:

Enhanced talent engagement

With AI texting apps, candidates can receive instant responses to their questions, moving the hiring process smoothly. AI texting apps can answer frequently asked questions, and also provide candidates with a status update about their job applications. This makes candidates feel valued and improves the offer acceptance rates.

Automated message scheduling

Candidates often apply to jobs after hours and it’s difficult for recruiters to be available 24/7. By automating message scheduling, AI texting apps can help recruiters save time and resources while ensuring that messages are sent at the most appropriate times. AI text messaging apps also provide pre-written message templates for specific situations such as scheduling an interview, sending follow-up information, or joining-date reminders.

Data-driven texting campaigns

AI texting apps provide a range of analytics to help you understand how your texting campaigns are performing. This includes data on candidate response rates, response times, recruiting team usage, etc. This enables talent acquisition teams to take data-driven decisions to optimize texting campaigns.

Personalized communication at scale

AI texting apps provide candidates with tailored responses based on their individual qualifications, experience, and the role they are applying for. This level of personalization helps to build a positive relationship with the candidate, making the hiring process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

5 ways to use AI texting apps for personalized hiring communications

Let’s look at some specific real-life use cases of personalized hiring using AI texting, including examples and texting templates.

1. Casually check in to update candidate information (location, email ID)

With AI texting, recruiters can send personalized texts to candidates, asking them to update their information such as location or email address. This helps to keep candidate information in the ATS up-to-date and accurate.

Example text: "Hi Jamal, this is Amelie from FawkesCo. just wanted to check in and confirm if we can still reach you at”

2. Periodically reach out to gauge openness to new roles

Use AI texting apps to send personalized texts to candidates, asking them about their current job search status and gauging their openness to new job opportunities. This helps recruiters to identify and engage with active candidates who may be a good fit for open roles.

Example text: “Hey Sandra, happy fall! Are you open to new opportunities? We have some exciting new roles that I think you may be interested in.”

3. Revive dormant candidates

There are several candidates in your database that you may have previously engaged with. For example, candidates that interviewed but could not secure the job (let’s call them silver medalists) or candidates that did not accept an offer. Use AI texting to re-engage these candidates and check their availability for a new opportunity, so recruiters don’t always have to rely on job boards to source candidates.

Example text: “Akia, we haven’t touched base recently. Just checking in to make sure all is well with you. If you're still interested in exploring job opportunities with our company, I can share new openings with you. Cheers, Bo”

4. Send event invites for engagement

Leverage AI text messaging to send dynamic broadcasts to inform your database of upcoming hiring events. Ensure that your messages are tailored to specific segments, such as their role or location. For example, a hackathon event invite should be sent to technical profiles with a particular domain expertise.

Example text: “Hey Kim, we are hosting a hackathon this weekend. Thought you might be keen. Details here: <link> Would you be joining us?”

5. Run personalized referrals programs

Get the best out of your candidate and employee network by generating quality referrals from them. With AI texting apps, you can run personalized referral campaigns, reaching out to candidates/employees and asking them to refer their friends or colleagues for open roles. This can help increase the diversity of the candidate pool, improve the candidate quality, and reduce acquisition costs.

Example text: "Hi Dan, we're always looking for great talent to join our team. Do you have any friends or colleagues who would be a good fit for our current open roles? We'd love to hear from you."

3X response rates and faster hiring. Sounds good?

AI texting is one of the most successful ways to engage today’s talent, proven to drive results with 3X faster responses. Explore Sense messaging to run winning personalized text campaigns and boost recruiter productivity.

If you want to take your hiring up a notch and learn more about how texting, email, and chatbots can be used together to engage talent better, check out our Definitive Guide to Talent Engagement!

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