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Follow-up Email Templates for Recruiters to Know

Posted on
February 24, 2023

Follow-up Email Templates

Follow-up email templates can be an extremely helpful tool for recruiters to have in their arsenal and maximize their time communicating with candidates.. Follow-up email templates help you stay in touch with candidates and keep them engaged throughout the hiring process, which is critical to reduce drop-off and ghosting and help improve time to hire. Follow-up email templates play a critical role in your overarching candidate engagement strategy.

Your Sample Follow-up Email Templates

Follow-up email templates can and should be sent at key touch points throughout the hiring process. For the purpose of this piece, we’ll focus on two specific follow-up email templates: Follow-up after receiving a job application from candidates and follow-up after an interview. 

These sample follow-up email templates can provide a solid foundation as you build up your recruiting email template resources.

Follow-up after receiving a job application 

Subject Line

Thanks for your interest in COMPANY



Thank you so much for applying at COMPANY. We’ve received your application for the JOB TITLE role, and will be reviewing it in the next 24 hours. 

Sit tight while we get our ducks in a row and determine whether you’re a fit for this position, or whether you are a fit for another role here at COMPANY. Either myself or one of my colleagues will get back to you about potential next steps within the next 72 hours.

If you have any questions at all in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me here at EMAIL or PHONE.



Follow-up after an interview 

Subject Line

Thanks for joining the interview!



I want to thank you again for both applying to the JOB TITLE role, and for taking the time to interview for the position. This role plays an important part here at COMPANY, and all of us here are honored that you would like to join our team.

I know you may have a lot of questions at the moment, so I wanted to let you know that we will be finishing up interviews for this position in the next XX weeks, and either myself or one of my colleagues will be in touch with you by DATE to talk about potential next steps. 

If you have any questions at all in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me here at EMAIL or PHONE.



Sense provides a robust set of talent engagement and candidate communication tools to empower talent acquisition teams to work more efficiently and effectively while simultaneously delivering better candidate experiences. 

These follow-up email templates, plus a host of additional email templates to be used across the talent engagement flywheel, can play an integral role in leveraging the Sense talent engagement platform.  

Our team is happy to meet with you and show you how our platform makes recruiters more productive and organizations more successful. Just reach out to us and we’re happy to set up a demo to walk through the Sense talent engagement platform.

About these follow-up email templates 

Here are some additional details about these follow-up email templates that can help you best take advantage of them in your candidate engagement strategy.

Who are follow-up email templates for

These follow-up email templates are for recruiters at any company who wish to keep candidates informed, engaged, and excited about potentially working for your company.

What stage of the candidate journey are follow-up email templates for

These follow-up email templates are specifically geared toward candidates who have just applied for a position with your company, and for candidates who are later in the hiring process and have met with yourself or someone else for an interview.

What days/times are best to send follow-up email templates?

The job application follow-up email template should be sent immediately (or as close to immediately) as possible after someone has applied to a job with your company. Ideally, this email should be sent out no longer than one business day later – but immediately is ideal. 

The interview follow-up template should be sent out similarly as close to the actual interview as possible. Candidates are often nervous and wondering about next steps after interviews. Sending these follow-up email templates immediately after an interview, and including important details about next steps, can help ease nervousness and keep candidates engaged, rather than redirecting their attention toward another position or company.

How to use the follow-up email templates

You can use these follow-up email templates by copying and pasting them into your email software (eg. Outlook, Gmail, etcetera). Copying and pasting always seems like the simplest way to use follow-up email templates; however, it can be very time consuming, and can also lead to more errors in your messages. 

Sense customers get the advantage of uploading follow-up email templates once and leveraging them many thousands of times over to communicate with candidates at scale. This leads to fewer errors and better candidate experiences while putting countless hours back onto the calendars of your talent acquisition team.

Using these follow-up email templates in Sense

The steps for using these follow-up email templates in Sense are straightforward when using this guide from our Customer Success Team. Follow this guide to edit and use follow-up email templates (and any other templates) in the Sense talent engagement platform, and if you are a Sense customer, be sure to contact your CSM with any questions. 

Additional email templates you might be interested in

Looking for more recruiter email templates like these follow-up email templates? We’re currently working on many more, but in the meantime, check out these five recruiting cold email templates from our blog. 

Getting started with Sense

Email templates can play an important role in your candidate engagement strategy. The right talent engagement platform takes these foundational pieces and creates a seamless, exceptional experience for both talent and recruiters. To learn more about Sense and see our technology in action, schedule a demo with our team today. 

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