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2022 Product Updates Roundup: How Sense is Powering your Talent Engagement Lifecycle

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Nupura Ughade
February 3, 2023

Oh, what a year this has been! Here at Sense, we constantly research and develop, and test innovations that deliver a better customer experience while simultaneously delivering better results from your talent engagement strategy. At the forefront of our commitment to innovation was our acquisition of Skillate (a top AI recruiting platform) earlier this year. 

Of course, along with innovation comes results. As we continued to develop and launch new enhancements and additions to the Sense talent engagement platform, we simultaneously topped the charts in G2’s Summer’22 and Fall’22 reports. Data named us a leader in several categories, including Recruiting Automation, Enterprise Staffing, Candidate Relationship Management, and Interview Scheduling.

2022 was chock full of exciting product updates to help you level up your talent engagement strategy. Here's a roundup of new features and enhancements we launched in 2022 (so far) and their potential impact on your talent engagement strategy.

Build deeper talent relationships

Candidate expectations have changed permanently, and those organizations that focus on relationship-building while meeting those demands are poised to weather any economic slowdown. As your TA teams chase ambitious hiring goals, they must do so while prioritizing candidate experience front and center. These 2022 Sense innovations were designed and built to empower your development and nurturing of stronger talent relationships.

Manage every facet of candidate relationships with Sense TRM

Sense Talent Relationship Management (TRM) is a platform that enables talent teams in the high-volume hiring space to elevate their hiring efforts through relationship building and workflow automation. TRM makes it easier for recruiters to take control of the hiring process by providing a central hub where they can see candidate information, candidate activity, and add candidates to campaigns. TRM fits seamlessly into the Sense platform, allowing for omnichannel campaigns and engagement strategies.

Sense TRM enables you to:

  • Zero in on top candidates through a combination of skills, experience, and job data.
  • Match candidates to relevant open jobs based on their location, skills, and experience.
  • Deliver personalized experiences consistently across SMS, email, or chat.

Check out how Sense TRM can elevate your hiring

Leverage pre-built Sense Journeys tailored to your use case

Now available for all ATS integrations, Sense Journey Playbooks offer built-in content guides curated for each of your objectives. Nurture talent, check in for updates, or reactivate alumni - all in personalized communications - at scale. Our data shows that Journeys launched using Playbooks report up to 20% higher delivery rates and DOUBLE the open rate of manually-built Journeys.

Check out playbooks

Make your targeting sharper with the new Audience Builder

We’ve revamped the way you can build and use audience lists to help ensure you’re targeting the right folks with your journeys. Whatever your goal may be – reactivate passive talent, hire and onboard candidates, gather more information, reduce drop-off, improve time-to-hire, or free up recruiter hours – this update is going to help make your successes a lot easier.

Watch a walkthrough of Audience Builder

Keep your candidate data in tip-top shape

24/7 conversations via chatbot have an incredible impact, but what if your recruitment technology automatically used data collected in those conversations to update your candidate profiles? With recent enhancements to Sense AI Chatbots, conversation data auto-converts into structured candidate profiles in your ATS and refreshes existing ones with candidates' details, such as the Candidate's Name, Email ID, Phone Number, etc. Leverage this feature to turn new faces into candidates, while keeping in touch with old records so you never miss an update.

Read more about candidate creation via chatbots

Attract top talent

Attracting top talent continues to be a priority for organizations even during an economic slowdown. AI and automation help TA teams to quickly progress through the hiring process while prioritizing candidate experience.

Reach more candidates globally with WhatsApp for Sense Messaging

Reaching candidates on their preferred communication channels provides another tool to help you decrease candidate drop-offs, reduce no-shows, and accelerate your hiring. Now you can have conversations on WhatsApp while taking advantage of shared inboxes, text templates, the Chrome extension, mobile app communication, and all that you love about Sense Messaging.

Read more about WhatsApp for Sense Messaging

Expand your reach further with the Sourcing Chatbot

Our sourcing chatbots help you add more qualified candidates to the top of your talent funnel.

  • With the website widget bot, you can capture visitors on your careers page to nurture at a speed that works for them.
  • Text-to-Apply is useful in attracting candidates by enabling them to apply for jobs with a text code. 
  • Deploy QR Codes to allow busy candidates to simply scan and apply to job listings. This is also useful to connect with talent at job fairs.

See the website sourcing chatbot in action

Engage candidates instantly with Smart FAQs chatbots

Candidates have a variety of questions before they decide to apply for a role and they don’t want to wait days or even hours for a response. Smart FAQs help you engage candidates instantly and encourage them to apply by providing them with any necessary information. Simply fill in answers in our global library of questions and the Sense AI Chatbot will provide relevant and human-like responses to curious candidates who visit your careers website.

Explore Smart FAQs chatbot 

Automatically invite qualified candidates to matching open roles, automatically

AI-powered job matching saves your team countless hours scouring your database to find qualified candidates for your openings. Sense Discover activates up to 70% of your existing database, tapping into a network of talent you’ve already paid for, pre-screened, or even hired previously. With the help of Job Matching Metrics, you can assess the impact by analyzing the number of candidates that got matched and eventually placed.

Know more about Sense Discover

Schedule meetings easily with automated scheduling

Forget the back and forth with candidates that can mean days to schedule an interview. With added improvements to scheduling, simply drop your scheduler into your email signature or a texting template and let candidates schedule time on your calendar with ease.

Explore Sense scheduling

Automated interview scheduling

Work more efficiently than ever before

We’ve released some new capabilities and enhancements that enable your TA teams to do more with less and automate redundant tasks so they can focus on more impactful tasks such as building and nurturing candidate relationships.


Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you send a new message

Your team sends a lot of messages - why reinvent the wheel each time? Using the Text Templates Manager Hub, your recruiters can follow best practices and stay aligned with your brand's messaging while you can measure the effectiveness of all communications in one place.

Text templates for high volume recruiting

Build chatbots instantly

Chatbots are now enhanced with zero-build functionality, meaning you'll be up and running faster than you can pour your morning coffee ☕ . Now you can build your bots instantly, without any waiting time to enrich your database, screen candidates, or begin sourcing all at the click of a button.

Create and deploy recruiting chatbots instantly

Make smarter decisions with powerful analytics

We've released an update to Messaging Analytics that offers a bird's eye view of recruiter activity, performance, and candidate engagement in the Sense Messaging product. Track deeper trend insights into messages sent, response rates, and other important metrics with more filters to make data-driven improvements to your messaging practices.

Discover complete messaging analytics

Additionally, the AI chatbot analytics also offer metrics to showcase the progression and drop-off at the conversations and candidate level during a chatbot interaction. This includes metrics such as conversations initiated, conversations completed, meetings scheduled, and time saved.

Explore chatbot analytics

Cheers to new beginnings

We are incredibly excited about these newest additions to the Sense Talent Engagement Platform. But that’s not all; we have more exciting things coming up in the New Year and we can't wait to show you more soon. Until then, happy holidays!

Have a question about how one or more of these products and enhancements can help your talent acquisition team in 2023 and beyond? Get in touch with us.

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