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Candidate Feedback Email Template

Posted on
February 23, 2023

Candidate feedback emails can be an incredibly helpful component of a strong candidate engagement strategy. Consistently asking for candidate feedback can help reduce ghosting and get talent excited about your organization and jobs. Showing that you care by listening and actually asking for feedback can go a long way toward keeping talent engaged with you and your brand. Communications before and throughout the hiring process and beyond are essential to strong recruiter/talent relationships. 

Your Sample Candidate Feedback Email Template 

Candidate feedback emails are not necessarily an everyday email for many recruiters; however, they should be sent at regular intervals to help gain input and feedback and help your team stay in front of issues or areas of concern before they negatively impact your recruiting efforts at a larger scale. 

To help you and your recruiting team gather critical candidate feedback and data to help you deliver exceptional candidate experiences, here is a sample candidate feedback email template to use in your candidate communications: 

Subject Line

How are things going?  



I have enjoyed getting to know you throughout this process, and I’m excited that you’re interested in working for COMPANY!

I’m touching base to see if you have any questions or feedback on how the process is going so far. I know that it’s not always easy for candidates going through the hiring process with one or more companies, and here at COMPANY we are committed to making this process as seamless and rewarding for you as possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or you’d like to share any feedback or suggestions at all, I would truly appreciate your feedback. 

And as always, please feel free to contact me at EMAIL or PHONE with any other questions or feedback.

Thank you in advance,


The Sense talent engagement platform includes a range of tools that help talent acquisition teams save time, build and nurture candidate relationships, and get better results from their recruitment technology investment.

This candidate feedback email template, plus many others across a range of candidate journeys, often play an important role in maximizing the Sense talent engagement platform. And Sense empowers your team to send these messages to thousands of candidates at a time, writing data and tracking responses in Sense and within candidate records in your ATS. 

Our team is happy to meet with you and show you how our platform makes recruiters more productive and organizations more successful. Just reach out to us and we’re happy to set up a demo to walk through the Sense talent engagement platform.

About this candidate feedback email template 

Here are some additional details about this candidate feedback email template if you’re looking to learn more about recruiting templates and how to use them.

Who is candidate feedback email template for

This candidate feedback email template is for recruiters at any company who wish to gather consistent feedback from and make improvements to their hiring process. 

What stage of the candidate journey is an candidate feedback email template for

The candidate feedback email template should be used to communicate with candidates who are at any stage of the hiring process; however, you are more likely to get detailed feedback from candidates who are later in the hiring process (or even professionals who are working for your organization).

What days/times are best to send a candidate feedback email template

There isn’t a specific, ideal time to send out this candidate feedback email template. What’s most important is to send out these candidate feedback email templates to candidates at regular intervals so that you’re consistently gathering feedback and making improvements. 

How to use the candidate feedback email template 

You can use this candidate feedback email template by copying and pasting it into your email software (eg. Outlook, Gmail, etcetera). While this tried-and-true method works; however, it can be very time consuming and is more likely to lead to errors. 

With Sense, customers can upload this candidate feedback email template once, and leverage automation to send these and other emails to talent every day, saving you countless hours each week. 

Using the candidate feedback email template in Sense

The steps for using this candidate feedback email template in Sense are straightforward when using this guide from our Customer Success Team. Follow this guide to edit and use email templates within Sense, and if you are a Sense customer, be sure to contact your CSM with any questions. 

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Getting Started with Sense

Email templates can play an important role in your candidate engagement strategy. The right talent engagement platform takes these foundational pieces and creates a seamless, exceptional experience for both talent and recruiters. To learn more about Sense and see our technology in action, schedule a demo with our team today.

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